At Saliba’s, we’re very diligent in our efforts to deliver residents’ medications in a timely manner.  However, there are thousands of medications on the market and unfortunately we aren’t able to stock them all at once.  Therefore, at times, there may be circumstances that prevent us from sending a medication out right away.

Saliba’s does a great job of keeping essential medications on our shelves. We carry a broad inventory of frequently prescribed medications, but if we’re unable to immediately fill a prescription, it may be due to the following reasons:

Specialty medications

Specialty medications require us to call in the order to the manufacturer. Most of the time they over-night the medication to us. These items are sent to the pharmacy directly from the manufacturer and there is a very short delay in the patient receiving their dose. These items are often expensive and are non-returnable.

Manufacturer shortage

The Manufacturer hasn’t made enough to supply demand. In this case, they may limit the amount of medication each pharmacy can order. When this happens, we will send a few days’ supply of the medication, and will send the amount owed when the medication is back in stock. There may be times that we will need to contact the prescriber to have the medication changed to an available product.

Non-stocked items

There may be medications that we do not stock due to high cost, being newly approved by the FDA, or very low usage. These medications will be ordered from our wholesaler when prescription orders are received by the pharmacy and will be sent out as soon as the shipment is received.